Karachi – attack on Chinese Consulate in The separatist group liberation army in Balochistan claimed the fact. All the three attackers and two policemen were killed. © Photo: Akhtar Soomro/Reuters

Armed men have attacked the Chinese Consulate in the southern Pakistan city of Karachi. As the police said, were killed the three attackers and two police officers. The employees of the Consulate remained unharmed. To known of the attack, the separatist group liberation army of Baluchistan.

China condemned the attack. In addition, the Chinese demanded the foreign Ministry for better protection for Chinese citizens and institutions in Pakistan.

Pakistani authorities that the attacker first opened fire on the security personnel, monitoring, a nd the main gate and forced their way into the building. The exchange of fire had taken some an hour. Multiple explosions had been heard. Due to the fast reaction of the security guards and the police, the terrorists would not be able to reach the Chinese diplomat, said an investigator.

The port city of Karachi is Sindh, the capital of the province. There, militant groups are particularly strong active. In the eponymous southwestern Pakistani province of a large-scale Chinese investment project is currently running. A spokesman for the separatist group called Beijing, and Pakistan’s security forces as “oppressors”. He accused them, “to destroy the future of Baluchistan”.