Three days after the acquittal of blasphemy convicted Christian woman Asia Bibi in Pakistan, the Islamists have wide expanses of their country, some violent protests set. The radical Islamic group Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) had closed on Friday evening with the government of an agreement, such as the TLP-speaker, Pir Zubair Kasuri said. Accordingly, the government will not oppose a revision application against the decision of the Supreme court for the acquittal of Bibi’s. In addition, steps would be taken “to prevent Bibi from Leaving the country”.

the street protests Erupted on Wednesday, after the for blasphemy convicted Christian woman, had been spoken after eight years in the death row by the Supreme court in Islamabad. The now 51-year-old Bibi had been accused of, to have a dispute with Muslim women in her village made derogatory comments about the prophet Mohammed voiced. The five-fold mother was taken in 2009 and in the following year, according to a controversial blasphemy law in the predominantly Muslim country had been sentenced to death. After the abolition of the death sentence, the TLP had demanded the dismissal of the judges and an execution Bibis.

The current location of Asia Bibi, there was no official information. Pakistani media reports suggest that they could have the country already left.

Bibi’s lawyer, Saiful Malook Pakistan left, according to a report by the Express Tribune on Saturday morning, because he was afraid for his life. “The safety of my family is greatly threatened,” said Malook. He will return to defend Bibi before the court, if the military grant him safety.

human rights activists have criticized the agreement between the government and the Islamists as a Declaration of bankruptcy of the rule of law. “The Deal makes Pakistan’s legal system to prey to the Islamist Mobs,” it said. If the Supreme court have spoken rightly, should not allow the government that Islamists aushebelten the law, said the Director of the society for threatened peoples, Ulrich Delius, on Saturday in Göttingen.