Pamfilova commented on the story

CEC Head Ella Pamfilova has urged members of election commissions more to enforce the rules of voting on amendments to the Constitution, rather than for social status and fame voters. “My dear colleagues, to no throw up!” — Pamfilova said on Saturday.

Pamfilova demanded that the section “any did everything exactly the same way as other citizens”.

“a man Came, star, super-duper-VIP: the temperature measured, on the Mat stood up, the hands disinfected, if came without a mask and gloves – was given, put” — said Pamfilova.

Next, the CEC warned against attempts to vote twice. “At a certain stage, all cases of dual voting detected,” — said Pamfilova.

the head of the CEC has promised to respond to complaints from the regions to the lack of means of individual protection for members of the Commission and the voters. If no PPE on sites, their fates will find out a group of a controlling financial management, said the CEC head.

the CEC is currently considering the 105 complaints from citizens about possible coercion to vote. According to Panfilova, 29 complaints came from the capital. From St. Petersburg 35 received signals of violations.

Serious consideration of all appeals deserve 75, said Panfilova. “The rest of the series, “one blogger wrote, and the other census,” — said the CEC head. In Moscow deserve the attention of the 20 cases, and in St. Petersburg — 29.