In the traffic light coalition there is a dispute about the right time to take new measures to prepare Germany for a possibly more critical Corona autumn. Minister of Justice Buschmann does not understand the excitement.

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann only wants to decide on the rules for autumn after the planned scientific assessment of the corona protection measures.

The fact that the current version of the Infection Protection Act expires on September 23 is not a random date, said the FDP politician on Wednesday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. The date was chosen so that “after the summer break we have two weeks of sessions in the German Bundestag to go through a very orderly, regular legislative process.”

Bushman: Discussed between June 30 and the end of the summer break

At the end of June, a panel of experts is to present an evaluation of the measures. “Between June 30 and the end of the summer break, we will discuss with the countries what to do,” said Buschmann. The federal government also discussed this with the Prime Ministers’ Conference. “I don’t understand why some now think that this timetable is no longer worth anything.”

On Tuesday evening, FDP leader Christian Lindner had already made it clear that he wanted to wait for the scientific evaluation first. But it was clear to him: “There should no longer be any general restrictions on freedom,” said Lindner on the ARD program “Maischberger”.

The Federal Government’s Corona Expert Council is already presenting a statement on the necessary preparations for autumn and winter in Berlin this Wednesday. It is expected that the experts working with the Chairman of the Board of Management of the Berlin University Hospital Charité, Heyo Kroemer, will provide information on further political steps.