Steaming mugs of mulled wine, the scent of cloves and cinnamon, candlelight and Advent carols – many across the country are looking forward to the Christmas markets in December. Corona had recently made this impossible. In Swabia, Christmas is now celebrated in the summer.

Christmas spirit with mulled wine, Santa Claus and a Christmas tree in midsummer – this is intended to attract people to the Swabian Dinkelscherben this weekend.

The Christmas market that was canceled last winter due to the Corona crisis will then be made up for in the courtyard of a retirement home.

The organizers promise classic Christmas music, the smell of mulled wine and bratwurst and a cozy get-together with loved ones. Just as is usual with the traditional markets in Advent.

Organizer Paul Schreiber from the local business development association Reischenau justified the unusual timing that the prepared “beautiful Christmas markets” had to be canceled for two years. Then the idea came up in the association to organize a Christmas market as part of the cultural weeks in the market town in the Augsburg district in July. First he swallowed and then said: “Yes, why not?”

He doesn’t know whether the approximately 6,400 residents of Dinkelscherben are already in the Christmas spirit after the hot days in June, says Schreiber. “But we’re trying to get people in the mood.” The right ingredients are there: in addition to roasted almonds and Schupfnudeln, typical Advent products such as Christmas balls, engraved candles and handmade cribs are on offer. There are also several decorated Christmas trees on the site.

Even Santa Claus comes by

There is “everything that goes with a real Christmas market,” the association promises. More than a dozen booths have been set up for the three-day market, with a total of 23 booths on the market, explains Schreiber. Santa comes by with a sack full of presents for the children.

However, there are also some alternative offers – especially because of the non-wintry weather. For example, those who find mulled wine too hot can switch to cool, Mediterranean sangria, the organizer recommends. The thick jackets should definitely stay at home. Mayor Edgar Kalb also wished for “hopefully summery temperatures” for the Christmas market.

According to Schreiber, the reactions to the summer Christmas market are very different. “Some say it’s total nonsense.” Others asked if it was a joke. Especially religious people also criticized the idea. But the majority find the market good. The project has generated very positive reports, particularly on the Internet, reports Schreiber. “Outside of Dinkelscherben it’s going around like wildfire.”