So far, travelers have had to show a negative test when entering the USA – regardless of their vaccination status. That should change from Sunday.

Travelers from abroad to the United States will no longer have to present a negative coronavirus test before their flight, starting Sunday. This was announced by the CDC health authority in Washington.

The pandemic has “entered a new phase” due to widespread vaccination, the availability of treatment options and increased immunity within the population, the authority justified the step. This has reduced the risk in the USA of becoming seriously ill with corona or even dying. The US travel industry had long been calling for an end to the test requirement for fully vaccinated air travelers.

Until now, travelers with destinations in the USA must be tested the day before their international flight and are only allowed to board with a negative result. The test requirement applies regardless of vaccination status and applies to both foreigners and Americans. Excluded are people who have recently recovered from Covid-19 and can produce a letter from a doctor or health authority. For flights within the USA, on the other hand, there is no longer an obligation to test and, according to a ruling by a federal court, there is no longer an obligation to wear a mask.

The US travel industry has called for the obligation to test to be ended as quickly as possible. In a letter from airlines, airports, hotel chains, associations and companies from the industry to the White House coronavirus coordinator last month, it was said that the economic losses due to the measure were significant. It was also pointed out that there is no obligation to test at the land borders with Canada and Mexico.