Paris has turned into an arena for gladiatorial fights

In Paris held a mass demonstration — it seems peaceful, but, as usual, turned into clashes with police.

Demonstration against racism and in memory of the deceased in the suburbs of Paris 4 years ago the teenager Adama Traore has quickly become similar to Gladiator fights with the police. Cluttered Republic square has become an arena for clashes.

On the roof of one of the buildings ultraprobe unfurled a banner: “Justice to the victims of racism against whites.” The provocation failed, from the area were fired fireworks, then someone managed to climb to the right on the roof, and the fight began. The police pulled them apart.

About 15 thousand people gathered to March along the boulevards to the Opera square, but all exits are blocked, the procession was banned.

the Area of the Republic from all sides surrounded by police. Of course, all this is perceived by protesters as a provocation: they take stones and bottles and throw at the police, and the police come.

Guards are little changed: if earlier they avoided contact with rebellious, this time rushed marching forward, cutting the ranks.

the clouds of tear gas they have lost sight of those who were trying to detain, and lost themselves, stumbled and fell under the weight of ammunition. To stray from the system immediately attacked by people in masks, pushed, knocked down. Completely lost the cops then dragged from the battlefield by their colleagues. And the group was eventually forced to retreat under the disapproving whistle and a hail of rubble that broke away right here, breaking the tiles into pieces.

don’t skimp guards and stun grenades that were exploded in the crowd. One of them exploded under the feet of the journalist. It the wounded man, quickly picked up protesters and carried out to give first aid.

Reclaimed from the police trophy — the shield — covered with garbage and set on fire, lay down, mimicking the position of the deceased in the United States George Floyd: face down, with his hands behind his back. The word to say, to hold a meeting in Paris came not only the French but also the Americans.

“Today the police in the United States is behaving as if she still controls the slaves. You need to change everything. I can kill a COP just like that, even if I didn’t do anything. And no consequences he. It’s called a police state,” said a U.S. citizen Jackson graves.

the French police also accused of excessive use of force. Moreover, it was found that social networks were a closed group of guards, where they exchanged voice messages, speaking pejoratively about non-white fellow citizens.

“We, blacks, have got to be victims of racism every day. It has become commonplace. Police kill, and I want to live in a peaceful country, I want my children it was not difficult to find a job because they’re black, I don’t want them to fear the police,” said one of the protesters.

interior Minister forced to respond to unrest, fearing that the situation will explode again. It happens every time after the next incident during detention in disadvantaged areas and suburbs. Christophe Kastaner now promised to be removed from service on charges of racism — and intends to change the police training curriculum in favor of abandoning the dangerous suffocating receptions. Police staged their protest in many French cities. Silently tossed the handcuffs on the pavement and said that he feels betrayed.

Text: “News of the week”