Anyone who wears nail polish regularly will know this: It doesn’t take long before the first unsightly spots can be seen. UV nail polish is said to last longer. What you should know about paints.

Do you regularly use nail polish and apply it at home? Then maybe you know it: As soon as it is applied and dried, the first unsightly spot can be seen. UV nail polish, on the other hand, is said to be more durable. But what is the difference to conventional or gel varnishes? And what are the disadvantages? All information about using UV nail polish at home.

What is UV nail polish?

The mixture of thick UV gel and colored nail polish pigments results in UV nail polish. Like conventional paints, it comes in small bottles with a brush. At first glance, it just seems a little thicker. But: This nail polish is actually more durable than normal. The color should be able to last two weeks to a month on the nails without major damage. And: It is less viscous than the gel nails in the nail studio and allows the nails to breathe better. This makes it gentler than the gel version.

The advantages of UV nail polish at a glance:


Difference between UV nail polish and Shellac

Shellac is also one of the durable UV nail polishes. People often ask about the difference between these two types. But there really is none: Shellac is a brand that was one of the first to offer this type of nail polish. However, it is said that you can easily peel Shellac off your nails. However, this is not recommended, as the nails can suffer as a result.

UV nail polish: how does the home treatment work?

If you want to use UV nail polish at home, you need a UV-compatible base and top or twin coat and a UV or LED lamp. And then it starts like with conventional nail painting – by the way, it doesn’t matter whether you want to paint your feet or hands. The following steps are suitable here so that the color lasts really long:

Remove UV nail polish again

UV nail polish can be removed with a UV nail polish remover, which at best contains no acetone. This can be harmful to the nails and also dry out the skin. If it is in the remover, it is advisable to care for the nails after removing the UV nail polish, for example with nail oil or something similar. The best way to clean is as follows:

Slightly roughen the UV nail polish with a nail file or a fine buffer. Then put the celllets or cotton pads with UV nail polish remover on the nail. The paint should be completely covered with it. You can now wrap the whole thing in strips of aluminum foil and leave it to work for ten minutes. Then gently remove the varnish with a rosewood stick or something similar. So-called remover clips can also be used instead of aluminum foil: These are reusable plastic clips with which the cells can be pressed onto the nail. The celllets must first be soaked with the remover and placed in the clips.

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