After a bitter defeat in the state elections in March, Tobias Hans wants to give up the party leadership in Saarland. It is possible that he will be replaced by one of the most experienced politicians in the state.

Stephan Toscani is to become the new chairman of the CDU in Saarland. The state board of the CDU Saar unanimously nominated the 55-year-old for the office, as the party announced.

The lawyer could be elected on May 28 at a state party conference in Eppelborn as the successor to party leader Tobias Hans. After the crushing defeat of the CDU in the state elections on March 27, Hans had announced that he would give up the party leadership.

Toscani is one of the most experienced politicians in the state. The Saarlander, who joined the CDU at the age of 15, has been President of the State Parliament since 2018. Previously, he was Saarland Minister responsible for Europe, temporarily also for interior, finance and justice. He was first elected to the state parliament in 1999. He has also been deputy state chairman of the Saarland CDU since 2011. Franco-German relations are a matter close to his heart.

CDU opposition party for the first time in 23 years

Hans took over the state presidency of the CDU in October 2018. He was Prime Minister of Saarland from March 2018 to April of this year. After the big losses in the state elections at the end of March, the CDU is back in the opposition for the first time in 23 years.

As the party further announced, Toscani had proposed the previous education policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group in the state parliament, Frank Wagner (44), as Secretary General. In addition, there will be a deputy general secretary in the future. Toscani suggested the district chair of the JU Saarbr├╝cken-Land, Carolin Mathieu (23), for this, it said in the evening.