That changes the statics of the government – and could endanger the existence of the traffic light coalition in the long run, warns Insa boss Hermann Binkert.

In another survey, the Greens passed their coalition partner SPD and are now in second place behind the Union.

In the survey by the Insa institute for the newspaper “Bild”, the Greens gained one percentage point compared to the previous week and now come to 21.5 percent. The SPD, on the other hand, loses two points and slips to 20 percent. The FDP, as the third traffic light coalition partner, can gain one point to 9.5 percent.

According to the survey, the clear strongest force in favor of voters is still the Union, CDU and CSU together are unchanged at 27 percent. With 3.5 percent, the left remains well below the five percent hurdle.

In surveys by the Forsa Institute, the Greens were recently in second place ahead of the SPD, and the two parties were recently tied in Infratest dimap.

Insa boss Hermann Binkert commented on “Bild” the new figures of his institute: “In no conceivable constellation could the SPD lead the government after elections. If the SPD loses its position as the strongest party left of center, the statics of the current traffic light coalition will change and that will endanger its existence in the long term. »