Wagenknecht caused controversy in her party with a book publication in June 2021. Some members requested expulsion. But he shouldn’t come now.

The member of the Bundestag Sahra Wagenknecht is not excluded from the left. This was decided by the party’s Federal Arbitration Commission, the “Spiegel” reported on Monday.

Wagenknecht did not harm the left, the magazine quoted from the written justification. A party spokesman and Wagenknecht’s office confirmed the information to the German Press Agency.

In June 2021, some members of the left had applied for the expulsion of the former parliamentary group leader. The background was Wagenknecht’s book “The Self-Righteous”, which the party had overthrown in debates during the election campaign. In it, she accuses left-wing parties of alienating their core voters with debates on gender, climate and organic food.

The party and parliamentary group leadership had already criticized the push for party expulsion last year. The State Arbitration Commission of North Rhine-Westphalia then rejected him. A complaint against this decision ended up before the Federal Arbitration Commission, which, however, confirmed the state decision.