Partygate: Boris Johnson disregards all democratic institutions – and thereby harms his own party in particular


    Once again, Prime Minister Johnson pulled his head out of the proverbial noose at the last moment. The report on the uninhibited party mood at 10 Downing Street, the seat of government, in the middle of the lockdowns was as devastating in every respect as announced. Is the British Prime Minister just lucky – or have allies in positions of influence?

    Look at it this way: Boris Johnson is a man who is amazingly lucky. A man who has been slipping through the fingers of those who try to trip him up with “Partygate” for the past six months. Every mere mortal Prime Minister should have taken his hat off long ago in the face of the overwhelming evidence of at least 16 illegal and sometimes extremely extravagant parties celebrated at his home at 10 Downing Street during the strict Covid lockdowns – at a time when many Britons were not leaving their allowed to say goodbye to closest family members who were dying.

    Lots of “lucky coincidences”