Passenger rail and water transport will receive government support

Passenger rail and water transport are included in the list of the most affected by the coronavirus industries, said the head of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin on Monday.

the Decision was made on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation following the meeting on development of transport on 7 may.

From March 30 by order of the government imposed temporary restrictions on the movement of all modes of transport across the state border of Russia and because of the isolation in the country, the transportation of passengers plummeted. Thus, the demand for trains in long distance segment decreased by 77%, and with the return ticket revenues declined more than 90% in the first half of April after the announcement of a period of self-isolation.

“the Situation is critical for the industry and is fraught with irreversible consequences. It is important to prevent the failure of passenger rail and water transport, because it will primarily affect people. We need to make sure that the carriers are guaranteed to fulfill their obligations to passengers. For this spread on the scope of benefits and measures of state support of the affected industries,” — said Mishustin.

the List is constantly expanding. Earlier, the government has included the media in the list of victims of coronavirus industries. Public institutions of the most affected by the quarantine sectors will be able to gozzadini received grants to spend on wages and other production needs in the period of forced non-working days.

Passenger trains of Russian Railways will be reduced in June by 83.6% yoy. Transport of passengers decreased in April by 77% to 1.8 million, in may — by 78.9% to 2 million people, according to the Railways. The Railways in June intend to carry long-distance passengers, 1.9 million against 11.6 million in June 2019.