Patrushev: it is the United States was behind the Taliban movement

Russia has never cooperated with the Taliban (banned in Russia) and at the origin of the movement was the United States. This was stated by Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

“It’s a ridiculous assertion. They can only tell those who are poorly versed in the situation in Afghanistan or deliberately distorts the real situation in the region”, — said Patrushev in an interview to the newspaper “Arguments and facts”.

He said that in the 1980’s, the CIA carried out “operation Cyclone”, in which financed the Afghan Mujahideen. According to Patrushev, it was about billions of dollars. Russia has never cooperated with the Taliban, and in 2003 the Supreme court made the group as a terrorist.

Patrushev expressed the hope that American media will be more responsible approach to his articles and he would not provoke additional tensions in relations between Moscow and Washington.

In June, the New York Times published an article that the Russian military intelligence sponsored the Taliban, so they attacked the military coalition in Afghanistan. The evidence in this case was not presented. The publication has denied personally by Donald trump. The representative of movement “Taliban” of Suhail Sahin also said that the Taliban never received money from Russia for the murder of American servicemen.