Day after day, the Kremlin floods the world with its propaganda. In this column we present the most macabre, bizarre or perfidious gems from the propagandists’ workshop. This time: the Kremlin’s supernatural fighters.

In war all means are permitted. An old adage that Kremlin propagandists took very seriously. Even if Vladimir Putin and with him Russia are not waging a war at all, but are laying waste to another country in a “special operation”. Any means is right for propaganda – the main thing is that the man who would love to be a tsar is satisfied.

Even supernatural powers are used here. The Kremlin propaganda has now created a new military service for this purpose. In the program “New Russian Sensations” a novelty was actually presented: a combat clairvoyant of the KGB.

Two weeks ago, Russian state television unearthed the Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Wanga and gave her prime time airtime. 26 years after the death of the famous seer, supposed friends, companions and similarly suspicious personalities appear and tell of prophecies that they claim to have remembered decades later. As luck would have it: At a time when Saint Petersburg was probably just a number in the criminal world, Baba Wanga used his current handbook for propagandists and sounded suspiciously like Master of Disaster Vladimir Solovyov.

Propaganda invents “Our Grandpa Wanga”

But Baba Wanga was just the foreplay. The main part comes to a man who was baptized “our grandpa Wanga” by the creative minds of the NTW station. They found Ivan Fomin in deepest Russian provinces. This “simple, sympathetic grandpa sees through and through people, almost like an X-ray machine. He makes precise diagnoses and heals no worse than Wanga,” he is praised in an almost hour-long post – without any irony.

The KGB’s battle clairvoyant, as the propagandists call him. Of course, the only person who can testify to both his healing skills and his achievements in the Soviet secret service is himself. The smock that the elderly man holds up to the camera was intended to lend weight to the words of their KGB creation in the scenario artists’ fantasies . In reality, however, he shows that “Grandpa Wanga” was never in the military.

Neither badges nor asterisks reveal which armed forces the psychic served with. And so he calls himself “Colonels of all Kinds of Armed Forces”. With him, the propagandists not only invent a new profession, but also a new rank.

A medal for 9 euros

The frills glittering on “Grandpa Wanga’s” smock are anniversary medals. The medal he claims to have received for setting up a magical shield for some troop can be purchased with a few clicks on the web. The good piece that the KGB clairvoyant is so proud of costs 550 rubles or 9 euros. “Donbass volunteer” reads the inscription on the four-pointed star. In view of the losses of Russian troops in Donbass, his magical shield left a lot to be desired.

His “extraordinary talent” is also weakening in his case. The man who claims to have healed the blind wears a hearing aid himself. Hearing is probably not his specialty. And so he is forced to wear a devilish invention from the devilish west. Admittedly a tragic fate.

The Great Prophecy

But things look even bleaker for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, of which the man, who claims to have never been wrong, is certain. Zelenskyi will soon flee Ukraine “to Poland or one of the Baltic countries, most likely to Lithuania”. “I see that very clearly,” explains the 86-year-old. “He’s very worried, to be honest. But he doesn’t see a way out, he’s lost. He’ll figure it out eventually, but it will be too late. He’s easy to influence, you can manipulate him. You can him pressure, and he agrees. He’s similar to Biden in his unstable psyche. You work with him on the same vibrations, as I put it,” Fomin quite accidentally repeats word for word the narrative of the Kremlin’s propaganda over the past few years.

And finally comes the climax: the medium gives the exact date of Volodymyr Zelensky’s surrender and the end of the “special operation” in Ukraine. “He himself will resign from the presidency… I see a new regime being established there. A new candidate will be nominated to take his place, maybe even one we know…. I think by September, sometime in September.” , he slurs several times. “On the 17th I see the number 17,” he prophesies.

“September 17 sounds too optimistic,” is the surprising conclusion of the show’s creators. Does anyone doubt the lightning success of the Russian troops? But the NTW people right away correct their mistake: “We have no reason not to trust him. We remember this: One of the strongest psychics in the country predicts that the special operation will end on September 17.”

The number trick

But maybe we should actually remember this date. Shortly before the start of the invasion of the Ukraine, Wanga was also allowed to prophesy a great event. On a date with five Twos, something would happen that would change the course of history. On 02/22/22 Putin declared the recognition of the independence of the separatist republics in eastern Ukraine. The first step to war. With a simple presentation trick, the Russian state TV lets viewers forget that the date in question contains six twos. Or where do you see a sixth two at 2/22/22? But fortune tellers can also be really useful – when they say what they are told.