A girl and a woman were seriously injured in a knife attack at a school in Esslingen. There is still no trace of the perpetrator, as a police spokesman said.

A caregiver and a little girl were seriously injured in a bloody attack at an Esslinger elementary school. According to dpa information, the alleged perpetrator attacked the woman and the seven-year-old child with a knife on Friday morning at the beginning of the holiday care and then fled. Even several hours after the act of violence, there was no trace of the unknown, as a police spokesman said. Several suspects were checked. A police helicopter is also in action.

Esslingen: Woman and child seriously injured in a knife attack

“The woman and the girl are seriously injured and in a clinic,” said the police spokesman. But their lives were not in danger.

The 61-year-old and the child stayed at the closed school as part of the holiday care. “The background and the course of the argument are not yet known,” the police said. It is also unclear how the woman and the child and the perpetrator relate to each other. Witnesses described the suspect as a 30 to 35-year-old man who wore black jeans and a black top with white writing. When searching around the school, officials found a knife, a police spokesman confirmed. However, it is not certain whether it was also the murder weapon, he emphasized.

The background to the fact is still unclear

Children are currently being cared for at school during the Baden-Württemberg Pentecost holidays. However, it is not yet known whether the two victims were attacked in or at the school in the morning and whether they belonged to holiday care, said the police spokesman. After the crime, the school was cordoned off and police officers searched the building.

The scene of the crime, the Katharinenschule, is an all-day school on the edge of Esslingen’s old town. Built in 1904 as a girls’ elementary school and converted into a military hospital during the Second World War, it has been used as a school again since 1950. During school time, a total of 280 boys and girls are cared for in the three classes of the four grades.