The 78-year-old SAP co-founder was re-elected to the supervisory board at the virtual annual general meeting. Not all shareholder representatives like that.

Hasso Plattner has been re-elected to the supervisory board of the software group SAP.

Around 90.5 percent of the valid votes cast by shareholders at the virtual Annual General Meeting on Wednesday went for the re-election of the 78-year-old SAP co-founder. He has been Chairman of the Control Committee since 2003. If re-elected, Plattner wanted to run again for the presidency.

After extensive deliberations, the nomination committee and the supervisory board decided to propose Plattner for a final term of two years, it said in the invitation to the annual general meeting – although Plattner had already exceeded the standard age limit of 75 years for the supervisory board and the standard length of membership of twelve years.

In the run-up to the general meeting, shareholder representatives had criticized the planning for the successor to the chairman and announced that they would vote against Plattner.