Peskov told why he grew a beard - a Free Press

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov explained to reporters the presence of his beard. According to him, he wasn’t going to change the image.

“At the time of the coronavirus… No this is not the image. Just didn’t shave!”, — quoted Peskov RIA “Novosti”.

As you know, a signature feature of the image Peskov mustache are. Earlier, his wife Tatiana Navka has published a video in which it was evident that Osama has been added and beard.

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Earlier it was reported that Sands had coronavirus. Currently he is quarantined.

Coronavirus, the fight against the pandemic, the latest news

it Became known the number of cases of coronavirus in Russia on may 29

During the day, the coronavirus has infected 117 thousand people

the Number recovered from coronavirus of Muscovites has increased to 74 thousand.

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