It seemed like that for a long time, but age hasn’t left its mark on Jürgen Drews either. He had to admit that now.

Schlager great Jürgen Drews (77) has just finished the “XXL Tour” alongside Florian Silbereisen (40). Even if he seemed as energetic as ever, the hardships left their mark on him. The 77-year-old has now announced this in an extensive Instagram post and immediately bad news for his fans: “Please understand that I will not have any further LIVE performances (where I have to be on stage longer) until the beginning of July. can perceive more.”

In other words: All planned concerts by Drews in June are cancelled. As a reason, the musician states that he noticed during the tour with Silbereisen “that the side effects of aging [sic] are catching up with me more and more quickly and the gradual process of my polyneuropathy unfortunately cannot be stopped completely”. Drews made it public last year that he suffered from the neurological disease that limits mobility.

health is the most important thing

He himself first has to process the unfamiliar situation before he can step back into the limelight: “For me, too, these physical limits that I had to experience are completely new and I have to learn to deal with them.” In order to “continue to maintain his health”, he therefore had to step back for the time being.