Messenger WhatsApp has become one of the most popular video calling apps. With the recent update, the calls have become even more useful.

Chatting with work colleagues, a voice message for friends or a quick phone call with loved ones: Whatsapp has developed from a pure messenger to one of the world’s most important communication apps in recent years. Above all, cross-platform video telephony is becoming increasingly popular. Now the parent company Meta has submitted a long-awaited feature.

On the iPhone, users can finally use video telephony as a so-called picture-in-picture. In plain language this means: Even if you switch to the chat view during a call or even open a completely different app, the window with the video call remains in the foreground.

Whatsapp: This is how the video windows work

The new view works like it is known from other video players or Facetime: The Whatsapp video call is displayed in a slightly smaller window over the open content, the window can then be placed freely by the user so that the content below is not to cover up. The advantage of the new function is obvious: During a video call, you can look up information, answer messages or edit documents without having to take your eyes off the call.

It was already known that Whatsapp was planning to introduce the picture-in-picture function. In December, the group had mentioned it as one of several improvements to the call function. At that time, however, the feature was still in the test phase. Whatsapp had already implemented all other innovations such as group calls with 32 people, muting individual participants or highlighting the speakers.

Not everyone can take part

The new function is only being rolled out slowly, not every Whatsapp user will be able to use it immediately. Whatsapp version 23.3.77 is required on the one hand, and on the other hand you need at least iOS 14. In older versions of the iPhone operating system, the overlapping windows are simply not supported. Since Whatsapp lists iOS 12 as the minimum requirement, there are some older iPhones that support Messenger but not Picture-in-Picture. The iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are affected. All newer devices are already running iOS 14.

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