Image generators like Midjourney, which achieve amazingly realistic results with artificial intelligence, are causing a stir. You can take the star quiz to see if you can tell the difference.

A few days ago, a picture of Pope Francis caused astonishment and confusion in equal measure. The pontiff was depicted in a fashionable white down jacket, and the motif spread rapidly. Alone: ​​It was not a real photo, but was created with the help of artificial intelligence. The principle is as simple as it is amazing: Image generators like Midjourney from the US research laboratory of the same name are first fed with a more or less detailed description of the desired motif by means of a so-called prompt. For example: “Pope Francis in profile in a white down jacket”. An image is then created using artificial intelligence. The results of the latest versions of the AI ​​tools can hardly be distinguished from real photos. Try it out above to see if you can tell the difference between real and virtual.

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