“I’m a bit chubby,” Pietro Lombardi said about himself in May. Since then he has lost ten kilos.

It was less than four weeks ago that Pietro Lombardi (29) spoke in an Instagram story about wanting to lose weight. And he did it! In this short time he has lost around ten kilograms, as he now reports.

In another story he now wants to give “a short body update” because he hasn’t done that for a long time. “I actually lost ten kilos,” says the singer. He writes that he started with a weight of 106 kilograms and is now between 95 and 96 kilograms.

This is Pietro Lombardi’s recipe for success

His recipe for success? Rigorous Training! “I think it’s up to Claudio,” says Lombardi. He speaks of his coach, who “pushes” him, motivates him and with whom he trains “every day at the moment”.

“You have to face the truth, I’m a bit chubby,” the 29-year-old said in May. At that time he presented himself in the gym and announced that he wanted to train now. In a clip he also showed himself shirtless. “I’m fat,” he said at the time. And he had previously told his fans that he was dissatisfied with his body weight.

And there is also professional news: With the “Lombardi Show” the singer gets his own talent show. He is looking for a singing or rap talent for his first own label. It is not yet known when the RTL format will start.