The first trailer for Disney’s live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale “Pinocchio” is here. It also stars Tom Hanks as Geppetto.

It’s been over 80 years since Disney brought the wooden puppet Pinocchio to life as an animated film. Robert Zemeckis’ (70) real-life adaptation of “Pinocchio” will be released this fall. A first trailer has now been released and shows Oscar winner Tom Hanks (65) as the woodcarver Geppetto, whose dearest wish for a son comes true.

Cynthia Erivo (35) can also be seen in it as a shimmering blue fairy who answers Gepetto’s prayer to the stars and brings his wooden doll to life. Of course, the famous song “When You Wish Upon a Star” should not be missing. Neither does Jiminy Cricket, for whom the live-action film cannot avoid working with computer technology.

In the English original, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (41) will lend his voice to the grasshopper who befriends Pinocchio. Puppet Pinocchio, whose nose grows with every lie told, is voiced by 13-year-old up-and-coming actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth.

No cinema adventure?

Meanwhile, the end of the trailer holds a tangible surprise. Because there it is revealed that the strip will not premiere on September 8, 2022 in the cinema, but on the Disney streaming service.

Don’t confuse Disney’s reinterpretation of the famous fairy tale with the one announced for Netflix. A stop-motion version by Guillermo del Toro (57) will be released in December 2022, promising to tell the well-known story in a slightly different and much darker way. The animated characters lend their voices to Ewan McGregor (51), Cate Blanchett (53) and Christoph Waltz (65).