The dream of owning your own home can also come true for children – with an outdoor garden house, which the little homeowners can use not only for playing, but also as their retreat. You can find out here which models are suitable (and affordable) for outdoor use.

The practical thing about a children’s garden house is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you have a garden, it is of course a good idea to set up the building outdoors. However, the question arises as to which material is better suited for outdoor use: plastic or wood? And is a building permit required? To support you in your search for the right building, the most important points that you need to consider when buying a playhouse are listed below. In addition, five models in different price ranges are presented, which make children’s hearts beat faster.

You should clarify these questions in advance

If you want to buy a garden house for your children, the price should not only play an important role in the question of which model is right for your offspring. The following factors should go into your decision:

Garden house for children: five models in comparison

1. Garden house from Smoby

The weatherproof and UV-stable playhouse from Smoby is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It has a gray roof, two green louvre windows, two blue sash windows and an entrance door. The special thing about the garden house for children is the integrated play kitchen – including sink, tap, hob and dish rack – on the outside facade, which has been equipped with matching kitchen toys (17 pieces). Here is the playhouse.

2. Playhouse “Wendi Toys Badger”

From a purely visual point of view, the playhouse made of FSC-certified wood is reminiscent of a general store. It has two windows with fixed awnings and two window sills with rounded edges and a door. The model is also suitable for outdoor use, the surface has been dip-impregnated. However, due to the open windows, don’t store anything inside that you don’t want to get wet. Here is the playhouse.

3. Brast garden shed

The “Adventure” garden playhouse is made of heat-impregnated fir wood to protect it as well as possible from wet and damp outdoors. It has two windows, each with a hinged shutter. Thanks to the child-friendly height of 1.32 metres, your children can romp about as much as they like inside the playhouse – even in bad weather. The protruding roof ensures that your offspring can continue playing when it rains. And so that the hinges on the shutters and door did not rust, they were galvanized. Here is the playhouse.

4. Garden house Sunny Lodge XL

What is special about this garden house for children is obvious at first glance: the integrated veranda, to which a three-step ladder was attached on one side and a plastic slide (120 centimeters) on the other side. This makes the TÜV-tested Sunny Lodge made of certified FSC cedar wood a real eye-catcher and a play paradise for small homeowners. Here is the playhouse.

5. Smoby playhouse “Friends”

The extremely spacious garden house for children offers plenty of space inside to play and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors thanks to its UV-stable materials and easy assembly. The lovingly crafted details are particularly beautiful, such as a doorbell that has to be operated electronically – or the two flower boxes on the facade, which has a wood and stone look, which can be properly planted. But the bench set on the outside also invites you to play and linger. Here is the playhouse.

One more note at the end: Before you buy, always pay attention to the respective age recommendation, which manufacturers must state in the product description. Due to the small parts supplied, there is a risk of suffocation if one of them is swallowed. Most garden houses are recommended for children aged three and over, but the minimum age is just a guide – but that doesn’t mean that your little one is too old for a playhouse beyond that. As long as your kids enjoy it, it doesn’t matter how old they are. As the saying goes: “You are as old as you feel”. This also applies to the small property owners.

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