Jeff Brewer is 50 years old. With the help of his brother and of his daughter, he struggles to run his operation. His firm works half the milk, the other on crops. “Normally, when one side collapses, the other is there to support it. But in this moment, nothing has value,” he says. The milk crisis is significantly affected by the America for many years, well before the arrival of Trump to power. Every month, this farmer estimated his loss of income over the sector to approximately $ 15,000. A catastrophic situation for which he blames the former first lady Michelle Obama, who wanted to replace the whole milk in schools milk for skim. “The children do not want to drink it. Even me I don’t want to drink. We are in the process of losing an entire generation of drinkers of milk because of it”.

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this sectoral crisis in addition to new economic pressures, more recent. Donald Trump has made a promise to encourage american production. To make it more competitive, he introduced new taxes at the border. But for agriculture, these taxes have a direct impact. Jeff Brewer take the example of soybean. He sells between 20 and 30,000 bushels per year. Since the introduction of these new restrictions at the borders, the price of a bushel has lost 2 dollars. Result: the farmer laments between 40 and 50,000 dollars of loss this year, for this culture only.

important numbers which do not, however, involved the support of the farmer towards the current president of the United States. The consequences of the mandates of Obama on the price of milk, his aversion to Obamacare and his commitment to his guns compensate for the difficulties caused by the economic measures of Donald Trump. “Trump night to the farmers. I’m not afraid to say it. But is what is best for the rest of the country? We’ll see with time.”