on The 27th of September last, dr. Christine Blasey Ford takes the floor in front of the Senate and millions of Americans behind their screen. Throat tight, she describes in a suffering akin to touch, which it would have been a victim of the hand of Brett Kavanaugh, then a candidate for the prestigious position of judge of the Supreme Court. His appointment has since been confirmed.

On the social networks, the testimony of dr. Ford that is being relayed by hundreds of thousands of women. The mass mobilization and media coverage which suggests that there would be a unanimity of opinion of women against the appointment of judge Kavanaugh. Extrapolated, this unanimity apparent, suggests that women, considered as a whole, would turn their backs, en masse, Donald Trump.

the reality of The “female vote” is obviously more complex. At the end of a meeting in favor of the republican party, Laure Mandeville meeting Lori. Like many of his fellow conservative, Lori takes his distances with the movement #MeToo. For her, this engagement is counter-productive and tends to bring women back to back, giving them a status of victim. “I would like ever for a woman to be silenced,” she said. “But we can’t be safe and strong for us, and then return thirty years ago”.

a few days of a new election, the testimony of Lori puts into question the pertinence of an analysis of the electorate is female as a whole. The deep division of the american women is the image of the one who is tearing the country apart.