The journey of Laure Mandeville starts in Washington. The new divide that seems to divide America is rampant also in the halls of power. Under Donald Trump, there is almost no longer a question of being republican or democrat, but pro or anti-Trump. Tom Ridge has dedicated his life to the republican party. First secretary of homeland security under George W. Bush, governor of Pennsylvania, he has seen the political landscape blasted by the arrival of Donald Trump. At the age of 73, he tells us why, for the first time, he does not support the candidate of his party.

The title is deliberately provocative, this series took its meaning in the face of the news in the last straight line of these midterms. The series of parcel bombs sent to the homes of personalities, to democrats and the terrible bombing of a synagogue in Pittsburgh that has claimed the lives of eleven people are as much of implementations extremely violent of this social conflict. David, 28 years old, is not surprised. This inhabitant of Pittsburgh is a democrat. Very rebounded against the statements of Donald Trump, he is aware, however, that his speech captivated the American “way”. His own father is the example.

Violence about

This America, “popular”, Daniel is part of it. For 40 years, he has voted democrat. But Trump has changed the game. This “democratic conservative” has held that there was no place for him in a party that relied now on his left wing.

Far from being frightened by the ways of Donald Trump, Lori found that the exaggeration is located on the other side. Of the movement #Metoo, which she believes helps give back to women a victim status that it deems to have already lost at the end of many years of combat. Tuesday, November 6, 2018, it will Trump a second time. Jeff is a farmer, and since the arrival of Donald Trump in power, it loses tens of thousands of dollars because of the new customs taxes. But according to him, these measures are a necessary evil to protect the country’s economy. At the age of 72, Lynette was rejected by his family for his political positions. His grandson and his daughter not speaking to her more, but his convictions remain the same.

Across the United States, the debate is neutralized by the violence of the speech and the radicalization of growing two camps. All of these stories speak of an America polarized and divided far beyond the political divide.