Poland will have to conduct a second round of presidential elections

Poland will have to conduct a second round of presidential elections. It turns out the current head of state Andrzej Duda, the mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski. Exit polls from polling stations showed that Duda is a leader mostly in the province, and Trzaskowski in large cities.

a Giant queue length in the whole street. The polls allowed a maximum of four people. You have to wait under the open sky. Many do not stand up and faint.

the Country was dogged by controversy, and the turnout is higher than in the presidential election in 2015.

“terribly divided Poland. So I’m even surprised that so many people discipline came to the polls”.

“in the face of what is happening, the country needs stability. Experiments with a policy dangerous to the state, especially in times of crisis”.

And this is the main argument of the current President Andrzej Duda. But his actions this very stability is undermined. Duda is doing everything to turn Poland into a military base of the USA in Europe.

In order to respond to voters time is almost not given. Four days before the election, Duda went to Washington and there all agreed with Donald trump — and about the transfer of additional military contingent and new supplies of American weapons. Warsaw willing to pay for tens of billions of dollars.

“Poland has fit into American plans for Europe. Poland already saw his chance to become the Eastern Kingdom. She will be the center of political influence on Europe, especially on Germany. Polish analysts say Germany stowaways and dream about the time when us missiles and troops will be moved from Germany to Poland” — says Kirill Koktysh, associate Professor of political theory at MGIMO.

according to experts, the main line of division in Polish society is also the European Union and Russia.

Radicalism Duda bothered much. His main rival &ndash the mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski – stands for pragmatic relations with Brussels and with Moscow. He recently said he is open to negotiations with Russia, Polish and Russian was called the great peoples, who have always been close.

“From the point of view of other areas, for example, the economy is quite likely to turn to Russia, at least, more pragmatic relationship. It can fit into the group of the EU, which advocates good relations with Russia and do believe that Russia is a big neighbour with whom we have to reckon” — says Oksana Petrovskaya, Dr. of historical Sciences, expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies.

the Ruling party “law and justice” are expected to hold the elections on 10 may; and then Andrzej Duda had record high ratings. But it failed in the end to gain the win 50 percent in the first round he did not.

moreover, the mayor of Warsaw showed a very high result. Most likely, Trzaskowski and Duda and will compete in the second round. It will be held in two weeks and promises to be even more unpredictable.