Inspector Brasch, severely traumatized, can hardly work in the new “Polizeiruf 110: Black Box”. Why is she in this desolate state?

In the last Sunday thriller before the Sunday break, Das Erste sent the Magdeburg investigators from “Police Call 110” into the race on July 3, 2022. In the “Black Box” case, chief inspector Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen, 53) had to investigate the violent excess of a traumatized young man who murdered in a frenzy. In this thriller, it was not the crime as such that was in the foreground, but rather the motives of the perpetrator.

Why did he kill a seemingly innocent man in the middle of a train? The answer: He was severely traumatized. Adam Dahl (Eloi Christ, 20) had to witness with his own eyes as a small child how his birth mother was killed. These terrible experiences erupted in him when he happened to be sitting across from the murderer on the train – without even knowing who this strange man was. His subconscious took control. But Adam is not the only traumatized person in “Black Box”.

Inspector Brasch close to a nervous breakdown

Inspector Brasch is also fighting her demons. She suffers from massive claustrophobia, cannot enter a room with closed doors, appears extremely unstable, irritable and is close to a nervous breakdown every second of the thriller. Why is the investigator, who is actually so tough, suddenly in this frightening state?

A few short sequences reveal their problem. The creators of “Black Box” fade in a few seconds of the film “The Condemned”. There to see: Brasch in the clutches of a murderous couple. But anyone who didn’t see the last Brasch case on December 27, 2020 – or simply can’t remember it after about a year and a half – is probably surprised at the police officer’s frightening situation.

What happened in “The Convict”?

Brasch once again investigated on his own in “The Condemned” – despite the suspension. But she was overpowered and kidnapped by a killer couple. The perpetrators then locked her in a basement dungeon and mistreated the inspector. Seriously injured by a knife, she is finally able to escape. A little later it becomes clear that Annegret and Markus Wegner have several people on their conscience: the police find the charred bones of two people in an oven in a disused factory that the Wegners used as a torture chamber.