Prince Harry and his family are on their way to London for the Queen’s Jubilee. Also because one of his greatest demands was met. The dispute over the security issue has been clarified with the Ministry of the Interior.

He would like to come, but he doesn’t know yet: in April, Prince Harry was still snooping around in an interview when it came to whether he and his family would travel to England for the Queen’s jubilee. “It’s about a lot of things like safety precautions and everything else. I’m trying to make it possible for my children to meet them,” he said at the time. Now he and Duchess Meghan and their children Archie and Lilibet are expected in London on Wednesday. Because Harry was able to win a victory in the dispute over the security issue.

As the British newspaper “Mirror” reports, he has received the “rock-solid promise” for police protection. That was not a matter of course, because since Harry and Meghan withdrew from their official duties as royals and emigrated to the USA, they were no longer entitled to tax-financed security in Great Britain. That was decided by the Ministry of the Interior at the time. Harry sent lawyers to negotiate protection in England – but so far to no avail.

Prince Harry gets state protection

There is now an exception for the Queen’s jubilee: According to “Mirror”, there were weeks of negotiations between Harry and the London police. Harry even offered to pay for the specially trained security guards himself – but that wasn’t possible. Nevertheless, the Royal Security Squad will now take over the protection of Harry and his family.

A relief for Harry, who wants to protect his children above all. Daughter Lilibet turns one on Saturday and will be able to spend this special day with the Queen in person. The planned visit is the first meeting between the little one and her namesake Queen Elizabeth, known as Lilibet. Prince Harry and his family are also expected to join the rest of the royal family for Friday’s service at St Paul’s Cathedral. By the way, Harry and Meghan will stay in their old home in Windsor: Frogmore Cottage.