Polish President Andrzej Duda during his visit in the United States explained to the journalists how it will look in the so-called “Fort trump” on the territory of Poland. The main topics of his talks with the President of the United States — the two countries ‘ cooperation in military sphere and security, healthcare and energy, including nuclear.

Previously, Poland has declared its readiness to Finance the stay of US troops on its territory and invited Washington to host on a permanent basis, American armored division, taking on the related costs — of the order of 1.5-2 billion.

This proposal put forward Poland on a bilateral basis outside the framework of NATO. Database Duda suggested naming the base Fort Trump (“trump Fort”), reports RIA Novosti.

According to Duda, when he was first introduced to Trump the idea of the name “Fort trump”, he “just laughed”. While it “is not the name of a military base in the physical sense,” said the Polish President: “Fort trump” is the General name of action that increases the American military presence in Poland, which are conducted during the presidency of trump.

This, according to Duda, “became the name of a specific military-political action” and this is what in Poland was called “Fort tramp”.