Political scientist: I do not envy Zelensky

After the first year of the reign of Vladimir Zelensky, who had at the start of the high rating, in Ukrainian society there is more and more frustration, especially among those who supported him in 2019. About this program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” said political analyst from Ukraine Vadim Karasev.

Summing up the press conference, the Ukrainian leader, Karasev said that he personally expected more. “Zelensky like to be President, he is already thinking about re-election for a second term, he doesn’t like tough, tricky questions of journalists, he enters into a dispute, do not know how to listen. In General, the President becomes a real Ukrainian politician”, — said the analyst.

he stressed that the main thing, staying in power for many years, the Square remains the oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and Igor Kolomoisky. “Despite the change of presidents, they still run the country. Zelensky and not under the power of something in this sense to change”, — said Karasev.

the Analyst stressed that in the current situation of difficulties and challenges, the current President of Ukraine will be very much, because the economic situation after the pandemic coronavirus will deteriorate sharply, when unemployment increases, and opportunities to take the traditional markets in Europe and Russia will be much less.

“can it happen that the President Zelensky will become President of the unemployed? And they will require work. Zelensky cope with these challenges? While many doubt,” — said Karasev.