There are many good reasons to avoid meat in your diet. The Federal Minister of Health lists them and says how he personally feels about them.

According to Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD), it was not easy to avoid meat in his diet.

As a child and young man, he liked to eat it very much, it was a pleasure for him, he said at an event organized by the “Zeit” publishing group. “And so the farewell was not easy for me.”

Today he considers the change in meat-heavy nutrition to be important: “Meat consumption in Germany is in many ways completely unreasonable, borders on madness when you think about it,” said the politician. It starts with animal cruelty, says the 59-year-old. “The animals usually live in agony, otherwise the cheap meat cannot be produced at all.” In addition, the amount of meat that is eaten in this country promotes numerous diseases.

Finally, the SPD politician emphasized the effects on the climate, “that is, that we have the release of CO2 and methane through cattle breeding, which is much worse, and then the poor energy balance that the whole thing has – it is just unreasonable in every way.”