Polls closed, but the struggle against misinformation continues

Several thousand false statements about voting on the amendments to the Constitution for the month showed the Public chamber of Russia. To create some false news were forged official documents were used by the actors. As a lie is distinguished from truth?

polls closed, but the struggle against misinformation continues: more than eight thousand stuffing for a month! Each case was checked separately.

the Maritime region. Hundreds of documents roll in the mud, but as soon as the coming members of the electoral Commission, the paper mysteriously disappear. The video was another provocation and ended up on the so-called map of movement disorders “the Voice.”

“the Champion of disinformation is the so-called Map of violations “Voice”, — said Alexander Malkevich, the first Deputy Chairman of the media Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. — A total of 28 messages out of a thousand is stated on this map you can recognize any signs of having the reliability”.

If no violations, they apparently had to invent. Plot in Moscow: a young man confused the watcher could see he had a folder with documents, similar to the protocols; in the evening the police inevitable. In Yakutsk debunked misinformation about ballot papers that allegedly issued without a number of the election Committee.

Expose the lie helps control. Observers first recorded half a million people. And those who stand for a powerful attack on the vote, didn’t like it.

“the Activity of our colleagues causes sometimes a negative reaction — the Chairman of the Public chamber Lidia Mikheeva. We reported on the death threats that came in against our colleagues Natalia Kirjuhina”.

Forces observers exposed hundreds about information messages, such as, for allegedly stuffing in Saransk. But the woman just helped my sister with a disability put her ballot. Those who circulate lies, the post is already deleted, but there’s a new — even more absurd.

“Sinceand the start of constitutional reform detractors and critics began to conduct open information war, start the fakes are ordinary and absurd as the fact that the Constitution, as amended, allegedly appeared in stores, or that there’s an amendment that all Muslims are to baptize,” says Alexander Brod, member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights.

In the center of the scandal was Insta-diva Victoria Bonya — the media asked her on behalf of businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin money for anti-advertising of the amendment; she agreed. The other girl supposedly does not need the money; she offered to throw your pictures without a shirt to those who will vote against. Can you believe this naked enthusiasm? And one law firm offers a residence permit in the USA to Russians who vote similarly. All this was referred to as a manipulation.

“Used bots, used by certain tags, use the services of Crossposting and other methods to promote trends in social networks, — says Ekaterina Mizulina, Director of the safe Internet League. Is a manipulation to shape public opinion and to promote this point of view.”

This experience of the struggle against disinformation can prove invaluable in the future. Members of the Public chamber want to discuss it in the state Duma. And the CEC promised to make a black list of provocateurs. Accreditation in the next election, they will not receive.