Pompeo acknowledged the need

the United States “must speak Russian”, it is very important to interact more frequently with Russia, said at a press conference in Washington the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Speaking about a possible invitation to Russia for the upcoming this year’s summit “the big seven” in the United States, he said, the decision to accept President Donald trump.

Russia, according to Pompeo, brought problems in the “big eight” and beyond also continues to pose a risk to the United States. For example, Russia opposed States in Afghanistan, said the head of the state Department, repeating the charges in the sale of Russian small arms to members of the Taliban (banned in Russia). Russia data charges, the U.S. has repeatedly denied, reminds RIA Novosti.

the interests of Russia and the US in Afghanistan partly coincide, in particular regarding the need to reduce the terrorist threat. Publications the media that Russia allegedly paid to the Taliban for attacks on American troops in Afghanistan, Pompeo did not comment. However, reports TASS news Agency, he referred to the “positive detailed discussions on a range of subjects” in the recent talks the U.S. and Russia in Vienna on strategic stability.

According to Pompeo, the administration of Donald trump still has to deal with Russia-related problems inherited from the administration of former President Barack Obama. It was his Secretary of state considers guilty that Russia “managed to gain a foothold in Syria and achieve tremendous success”, reports “Interfax”.

among the problems Pompeo mentioned and attributed to Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016. The Secretary also stated the need to extend expiring in October of this year a UN arms embargo against Iran, expressing hope that Russia and China “will understand that it is in their best interest”.