If you want to see and hear him, you have to hurry: singer Max Giesinger is giving four train station concerts this Wednesday.

Singer Max Giesinger (“80 million”) played the first of a total of four concerts in just one day on Wednesday morning at Hamburg Central Station.

“This is not only the fastest tour in the world, but also the earliest for me! Apart from the “Morgenmagazin” I’ve never sung anywhere so early, »said the singer when he entered the stage shortly after eight in the morning.

After performing four of his hits, the singer continued his journey with the ICE towards Berlin, Leipzig and Wiesbaden. A stage has been prepared for the artist at each of the stations, where they will play surprise concerts lasting 20 to 40 minutes. «The conclusion of the tour in Wiesbaden will be a furious finale. Then we play 90 minutes, the complete set with the whole band. It’s going to be really cool, »promised the singer before leaving Hamburg.

The “fastest tour” with Max Giesinger was supposed to take place almost two years ago, but had to be postponed again and again due to the corona pandemic.