It sounds like a relaxed look back: Robbie Williams is reissuing his hits – with a large orchestra.

To mark his 25th anniversary as a solo artist, British singer Robbie Williams (“Let Me Entertain You”) has announced an album for which he has re-recorded his greatest hits with an orchestra.

“XXV” will be released on September 9th and will contain the brand new song “Lost” in addition to newly arranged versions of “Feel”, “No Regrets” and “Rock DJ”. A reissue of the ballad “Angels” was released as the first single on Tuesday.

“The album is an opportunity for me to look back on the stuff and this time to like some of it,” said Williams (48) at the “XXV” presentation in London. When the songs were first released, he was “too close”. “Then you read the lovely words of people writing a review and you think, ‘Yeah. That’s really crap, isn’t it?’ And then you think: “Next time I’ll do better.”»

The former Take That singer said he’s now made peace with the songs. “Now I can look at it again and then think: Actually, I did it quite well.” According to his own statement, he still doesn’t like some of his songs. The single “Millennium” was “crap,” Williams said, but that didn’t stop him from re-recording the song for “XXV” with the Dutch Metropole Orkest.

Williams jokingly reported on how he chose the songs for his new album: “I went on Youtube and looked at which songs got the most clicks.” In addition to the regular version with 19 tracks, there will also be a deluxe edition of «XXV» with a total of 29 tracks, including three more new songs. For the coming year, Robbie Williams announced a completely new album.