Just a few days ago, pop star Justin Bieber postponed several concerts on his “Justice World Tour”. Now he explained the reason for this to his fans via video message.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber (28) informed his fans in a video a few days after the cancellation of concerts that he was suffering from facial paralysis.

The singer posted a nearly three-minute video on Instagram in which he talks about being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It’s a viral disease that affects nerves in his ear and face, Bieber explains.

“As you can see, this eye can’t blink,” says the Grammy Award winner, his right eye staring at the camera while his left eye squints. He also can’t laugh or move his nostrils on that side, Bieber explains. He pulls up the corner of his mouth on the left side.

“It’s a pretty serious thing, as you can see,” Bieber tells his fans. He had to take a break and protect his body. He would also do exercises to restore his normal facial features. There was no timeline for a return to the stage.

Bieber’s Instagram account has received numerous well wishes from fans and peers, including celebrities such as Diane Keaton, Patrick Schwarzenegger, DJ Khaled, Finneas and Romeo Beckham.

Bieber had postponed several concerts of his “Justice World Tour” on Tuesday. He acts on the instructions of his doctor, he said in an Instagram story, but without talking about his diagnosis. Most recently, the singer canceled two concert dates in Las Vegas in February due to a positive Covid test.