celebrity bonus? There wasn’t. General courtesy? Barbara Schöneberger and her husband also looked for them in vain in an Italian restaurant in Dresden.

Barbara Schöneberger is one of the most popular and also one of the most successful moderators in Germany. Be it the ESC or “Do you understand fun?” – when the 48-year-old is on the show stage, millions of viewers tune in. So you would think that everyone in Germany knows what the Berliner looks like. But apparently that is not the case despite everything. Schöneberger and her husband just had to experience that.

When the couple took a trip to Dresden, they decided to stop for lunch at an Italian restaurant. There were still free seats, so the two sat down at a table in good spirits. And it didn’t take long for the guests at the surrounding tables to notice who had joined them.

As Barbara Schöneberger revealed in the podcast “With the waffles of a woman” with star chef Cornelia Poletto, whispers were quickly heard everywhere, some people even pulled out their cell phones and tried to take a picture of her inconspicuously. They had time to do so – because apparently everyone waited a little longer here for service and food.

Barbara Schöneberger wanted to go out to eat in Dresden

After 20 minutes, a waiter finally came by and Schöneberger’s husband asked if they could order food. Actually the most normal request in the world – in a restaurant. But the waiter seemed rather annoyed: “Nah, that won’t work, it takes forever here,” the waiter said in a rather unfriendly tone. And then even added: “It’s best to go somewhere else.” Apparently he didn’t recognize the presenter either. In retrospect, she found it very funny: “It was absolutely democratic, everyone was treated equally badly!”

However, the 48-year-old is not a fan of such harsh behavior – she prefers to continue to be friendly and believes that this also affects the other person: “If you call out into the woods like that, you always get something great back.”

And unfortunately the waiter in question didn’t do the service staff in his city any favours, because Schöneberger warned her interlocutor Cornelia Poletto in the podcast: “If someone from Dresden ever applies to you, be careful!”

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