Poroshenko summoned for questioning on charges of smuggling of cultural values

Ukraine was summoned for questioning the former President of Petro Poroshenko. He acts as a witness in the case of smuggling of works of art. Talk politics with investigators will take place next Tuesday morning. Simultaneously, Poroshenko is a witness in other criminal cases.

Creativity of the Ukrainian political theatre does not hold. The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine has published the video to the agenda, which is designed to former President Poroshenko. The office encourages the policy to appear for questioning — as long as the witness in another criminal case. The state Bureau of investigation demands that Poroshenko appeared for questioning as a witness in the case of hidden movement across the state border of Ukraine 34 paintings by world famous artists.

This turn certainly was not expected. Told of the charges against Poroshenko the criminal case under article “high treason” and “Abuse of power or official position” thought that perhaps he would be questioned on the Maidan event of 2014, and here — a case of smuggling of cultural property.

“Peter is a known lover of classical art, — said Vladimir Rogov, a political commentator. In his Declaration he has made about 90 paintings and 7 sculptures. There was even a scandal when he forgot to make the Declaration a sculpture worth $ 4 million. Poroshenko was Aivazovsky painting “Constantinople at dawn” in 1851, he gave Yanukovych on birthday… it is Very interesting how the picture was he owned? It was estimated at 2 million dollars.”

apparently, experts say that Poroshenko took seriously. The investigation of treason began after the publication of the audio recordings with the voices that allegedly belong to Poroshenko and former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and former U.S. Secretary of state John KerrI. On account of the Biden recommends Poroshenko to dismiss the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, get close to the business of the company Burisma, where he worked for Biden’s son, hunter, in exchange for one billion dollars. Voice Poroshenko happily report all is fulfilled.

Dirt was announced by the Deputy of Rada from “public Servants” Andriy Derkach. Record, according to him, can testify about the impact of Biden on the policy of Poroshenko’s presidency. The ex-head of state denies this, and sees the incident, as always, the “hand of the Kremlin”, which is now firmly shakes already acting President Vladimir Zelensky.

“I think they managed the state, what awaits them are a lot of different adventures and different sentences,” — said Zelensky. Seem to have opaque hinting: “Your song is sung, Peter A.”.

Along with a new episode about smuggling of cultural values on which you want to question Poroshenko Bureau of investigation, Ukraine to discuss the appearance of Peter Alexeevich. Someone says that he received treatment from intoxication, but someone sure has lost the former guarantor of Ukraine in the nervous system.