The 9-euro ticket and Sylt: The island had been oracled in detail as a dream destination for cheap ticket travelers. In fact, many day guests came at Pentecost – but the police saw the situation loosely.

A lot was mocked and debated in advance about Sylt as a dream destination for 9-euro ticket buyers – but the island did not experience the feared state of emergency on the Pentecost weekend.

The police spoke on Monday of a normal operational situation. “From a police point of view, the island was full, but the Whitsun holiday mood and operational load was no different than in the years before the Corona period.”

Celebrated peacefully

The tourism director of Kampen, Birgit Friese, told the German Press Agency that it was “really wonderful Pentecost in Kampen”. There had been a lot of happy celebrations, especially very peacefully.

According to the police, around 150 punks who had traveled to Sylt to spend and celebrate Pentecost there received special attention. There had been talks with them, they behaved within limits, a police spokesman said at the weekend. According to a report in the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, however, one innkeeper was desperate: the punks were camped in front of his restaurant and he therefore hardly had any guests.

champagne and beer

Porsches drove past groups of punks, champagne was celebrated in the expensive bars in Kampen – and on the streets of Westerland or on the beach mostly with beer. There was a big rush in front of some bars, said Lars Lunk from the Kampen tourism service to the “SHZ”. “It was partly like New Year’s Eve, many were waiting to be let in.”

In the Bay of Lübeck, which can be reached quickly from Hamburg with the 9-euro ticket, it was not overcrowded at Pentecost. More people came than on Ascension Day, but the weather wasn’t that nice either, said an employee of the tourist information center in Niendorfer Hafen.

In any case, many a train to the coast and back was full. A railway spokeswoman said that this was typical for the Pentecost weekend – and not necessarily due to the 9-euro ticket.