Powerful state support: how does the

97 thousand self-employed already get your required payments — back taxes for the year 2019. In total, more than a billion rubles. Design — very simple. Each of the self-employed in the phone already have an app “My tax”. Only need to bind a map, where to send money. That’s all.

the tax Refund only part of the benefits received by self-employed. The Federal tax service, probably the first time in history now is not so much collect, how distributes the money.

“We were instructed to charge the so-called fiscal capital, people usually call it bonuses. That is the amount that goes to tax payment. We have added in the app “My tax” of more than 8.5 billion rubles. This measure applies to more than 700 thousand people”, — said the head of Federal tax service of Daniil Egorov.

In Kazan among the recipients of such support — a whole family of self-employed Husband, a wife and three adult children sew leather manually, wallets, handbags and more belts.

the Company treat their employees like family and not dismiss them, even in difficult times, also received the first part of the presidential grants. In April and may about 42 billion rubles were transferred to accounts of individual entrepreneurs, enterprises of small and average business. Such companies in Russia — 960 thousand. This is 3.5 million people.

“we Have started the second stage. More than 600 thousand applications for the second part of the payment. Everything goes enough quality, fast enough. Collect all statements, including the one where the company specifies, make sure they paid, even if the results of the first application was rejected when this was not reporting,” said Daniel Egorov.

Flower business during the quarantine, not to call profitable. But “fade” he was not given the presidential grants. The Kaliningrad network of florists managed to keep its employees nearly 100 people.

strong support from the President during pandemic got those whose job never ends, parents. To date, nearly 4 million families have received payment for children under 3 years. Another 17 million children are older received one-time assistance — 10 thousand rubles. More than half a million children from low-income families received an additional average of 5.5 thousand monthly.

Margarita Osadchuk grow three children. Junior – Bogdan — just a year and a half older — Miroslava — nine years. Put all them money they’ve got, and despite mistakes in the registration.

to Make the design as simple as possible and remote, and receive payments — fast — the main task which was put before the officials. And it is the basic principle of the new mechanism of interaction of “social Treasury”.

“Now you come not to the bodies of state power, not on social protection, and entering in your personal document and the personal account will luminesce the information, which will inform you of your rights. The state assumes all of the procedures, interagency coordination, information about family, children, reaffirms the rights of the individuals concerned, even for banking institutions”, — said Anton Kotkov, Minister of labour and social security.

In practice, “social Treasury” is already working. For example, when you receive the parent capital. Any help to young parents do not have to grant.

“Citizens, without the Pension Fund, only register the fact of birth in the registry office, after a certain time get a notification in your personal Cabinet on the single portal of state services about the provision of maternity capital. To date, this right has already benefited 136 thousand of our citizens”, — said Anton Kotkov.

ideally, it should be not only with the parent capital, but with all the assigned payments. Anastasia Lazareva, for example, has the right to receive subsidies in several categories. She has two daughters: Sonya — 5 years, Sasha — two years. In addition, because of the coronavirus Samara baby club where Anastasia worked as a teacher, closed. And while she is only concerned with their kids. After dismissal she appealed to the employment Center. Remotely. Received unemployment benefits – 12 130 roubles plus another two children for 3 thousand.

According to estimates by departments, not all of whom payments are based on, managed to draw. The ministries are ready to provide all necessary assistance that payments were timely and in full.

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