Especially when the smartphone is often used as a navigation system, a mobile phone holder for the car can be useful. But what models are there? And which ones offer good support?

Holding your cell phone while driving to check your sat nav or turn on music is not the best idea and increases the risk of an accident. A cell phone holder for the car is better, with the help of which you can always keep an eye on the cell phone. But what should you consider when buying? And what models are there anyway?

Mobile phone holder for the car: There are these models

There are basically three different models of car phone holders: holders that attach to the windshield via suction cups; Brackets that clip into the vent and brackets that attach to the faucet. Of course, one thing is important with every car holder: that it holds well and does not come loose while driving, so that you are either distracted while driving or the cell phone may be damaged.

For this purpose, models with a vacuum principle are recommended for attachment to the windshield or dashboard: This means that the suction cup is particularly firm and does not come loose again immediately while driving. With ventilation models, it is important that the clip really fits the size of the ventilation slots. Otherwise, it is helpful to take a look at the user ratings of the various car mounts. This often makes it easier to assess whether the preferred mobile phone holder for the car is really stable.

One way to install a cell phone holder in the car is to attach it to the windshield using a suction cup. For this purpose, the pane should be cleaned well beforehand so that the holder can also hold well. At Amazon, the Floveme model is one of the bestsellers with the best ratings. It has a suction cup with a vacuum principle that leaves no traces of glue and, according to the manufacturer, is particularly stable. Even if it is exposed to the sun, it should not fall off. In addition, the holder can be rotated 360 degrees and should be suitable for all smartphone models.

Car mounts with a suction cup can usually be rotated 360 degrees and usually leave no marks on the windshield. They can be attached very flexibly. However, it can happen that they suddenly become detached if the suction cup is not properly seated – this can distract you from the journey or even damage the cell phone in the event of a fall. Therefore, make sure to attach the suction cup sensibly, clean the window beforehand and check whether it is firmly attached to the window before driving.

Another variant are mobile phone holders that are clamped into the ventilation in the car. The Andobil model is popular among Amazon users: It should fit into all ventilation slots and does not scratch them because of its soft silicone cover. Because of its ball head, it can be rotated 360 degrees and the smartphone can be used both vertically and horizontally. The mobile phone holder should also be usable for most smartphone models. The manufacturer also promises a very good grip.

With this model, too, the grip should be checked before driving: is something wobbling or is the mobile phone stuck in the holder? In contrast to attachment to the windshield or dashboard, the view is less restricted with this variant.

The third way to install a cell phone holder in the car is to mount it on the dashboard. This also works via suction cup. As with the models for the windshield, the surface should be well cleaned beforehand and, above all, free of grease so that the bracket can really attach itself. Most models are 2-in-1 variants that can be attached to both the windshield and the dashboard. According to reviews, the Yosh model performs particularly well among Amazon users. It has a 360-degree adjustable swivel ball joint, according to the manufacturer and user ratings, it should attach firmly and be compatible with many smartphones.

The all-rounder: mobile phone holder for the car 3 in 1

There are also models that can be attached to the car in all three ways. According to user reviews, the Vanmass model performs particularly well among the 3-in-1 mobile phone holders for the car. It should hold firmly and can be attached variably: whether on the dashboard, the ventilation grille or the windshield. It is also suitable for most smartphone models.

More tips when buying and installing a car mount

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