The motorcycle season is in full swing: If you are planning a short road trip, the bike only offers limited space for large pieces of luggage. For this reason, the following gadgets are small, handy and very practical for long trips.

With the first rays of the sun, many bikers wake up their motorcycles from hibernation and ride them on country roads and motorways for almost the entire summer and well into autumn. In Germany alone, almost 170,000 machines were newly registered in 2019 – according to current statistics. A noticeable increase compared to the previous year (in 2018 there were just over 158,000 new registrations), which may have been promoted by the corona crisis. After all, it currently seems easiest to plan a road trip through your own country. However, a bike has limited space for luggage, even if you attach saddlebags to it. So that you can carry everything you need with you while driving, we present below six small motorcycle gadgets that take up little space.

1. First aid kit

Regardless of whether you are planning a short trip or want to travel by motorcycle for a longer period of time – in both cases you should always have one thing with you: the first aid kit. In accordance with DIN standard 13167, the handy motorcycle first-aid kit contains only the most important things for motorcyclists, such as a rescue blanket and high-visibility vest or bandages and first-aid kit. Here you get the set.

2. Bluetooth-Headset

Using your smartphone while driving is strictly forbidden – and it can also be life-threatening. However, with this Bluetooth headset you can make a call from your motorcycle helmet without taking your eyes off the road. The wireless speakers can reduce the background noise for outgoing and incoming audio signals, so that you can still be heard and communicated while driving (in an emergency). Get the headset here.

3. Air compressor

If your tires suddenly run out of air while driving, the nearest gas station is usually out of sight. For this reason, this practical motorcycle gadget is the ideal travel companion: a mobile air compressor that requires little space and – thanks to the integrated LED lamp – can also be used in the dark. The scope of delivery includes the pump, a Presta valve adapter, a needle valve adapter and a charging cable as well as instructions. Get the air compressor here.

4. Cell Phone Holder

Many motorcyclists use their smartphone as a navigation device on the go. A mobile phone holder made of stable aircraft aluminum including integrated vibration damping is very useful so that you can have a safe view of the route while driving. This is attached to the standard or oversize handlebars (22.2 / 25.4 / 28.6 / 31.7 mm or 0.875 / 1.0 / 1.125 / 1.25 inch diameter) and keeps the smartphone even with fast Rides firmly under control – so that it cannot detach from the holder while driving. You can get the bracket here.

5. Travel sleeping bag

Since a motorcycle offers little storage space for larger items such as a sleeping bag, only the bare essentials can be taken on trips. If you would like to spend the night in a hostel on the way, you still don’t have to do without the hygienic sleeping comfort: With this extremely small and very light (155 grams) travel sleeping bag, you can dream anytime and anywhere in your own “little bed”. Most accommodations offer matching (wool) blankets that you simply place over the thin microfiber cover. You can get the sleeping bag here.

6. Shoe Protection

As the name suggests, this special shoe protector is designed to protect your motorcycle pedals from abrasion and wear. The non-slip rubber band is simply pulled over the shoes and closed with a strong Velcro fastener. The integrated anti-slip toe cap is intended to prevent the shoe protector from slipping while driving. However, the motorcycle gadget is only available in one size. Here you can get the shoe protection.

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