The week of Thanksgiving could be the opportunity of a truce in Washington, but Donald Trump has spared almost no one, except the two turkeys regulatory submitted to the president by the federation of the breeders of birds… and the crown prince of saudi arabia. This last may be considered by u.s. intelligence as the instigator likely of the murder and dismemberment of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, in an enclosure, diplomatic in Turkey, Donald Trump has deemed that the best interests of the United States ordered to look away.

The former boss of the us special forces and the president of the supreme Court have not benefited from this generosity. The first one to have written three months earlier in a forum that he would have been able to republish after the decision to protect him at all cost Mohammed Bin Salman, including messy at the same time the memory of the victim. “Your actions have embarrassed in the eyes of our children, humiliated on the world stage and, worse yet, we are divided as a nation “, had judged William H. McRaven. Donald Trump has finally let it break out of its resentment, by reproaching him for being late to eliminate the founder of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, in 2011, while “everybody” knew, according to him, where to find it.

The second, John Roberts, has suffered the ire presidential to have defended the integrity and independence of the justice that Donald Trump divides into two parts : the good, which validates its decisions, and the wrong which the doubt, regardless of considerations as dull as the law or the Constitution. There is no doubt that Donald Trump would be more to his case with a vertical of power that would borrow the authoritarian regimes of which he never manages to criticize the nature, but he was elected to the United States.

” The world is a place very dangerous ! “

A well-pensance environmental alleged, also took to his rank to the result…