Many people often put off visits for skin cancer screening for ages.

You can use the ABCDE rule to do an initial check at home to identify problematic areas of skin.

This is what the letters stand for:

Admittedly, the “C” is a little cheated in with the English term.

Go from A to E to evaluate skin changes such as moles or moles.

It is best to carry out the ABCDE check in bright daylight. If you like, use a small magnifying glass to see the skin areas better.

Of course, you will need help for areas on your back, as it may be difficult to examine the moles using a mirror. As always, a self-diagnosis should only provide initial clues – you should always leave the final assessment to a dermatologist.

Fortunately, most health insurance companies cover the costs of skin cancer screenings from the age of 35 – even every two years.

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