8:15 p.m., the first, crime scene: shadow life, crime thriller

When Julia Grosz’ (Franziska Weisz) friend Ela (Elisabeth Hofmann), who infiltrated Hamburg’s left-wing autonomous scene as an undercover investigator for the LKA, disappears without a trace, Grosz goes in search of her. Under a false identity, she enters the hedonistic, liberal milieu in which her friend seems to have lost herself. Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) supports Grosz – and at the same time investigates in the case of an arson attack, which initially seems to be part of a series of politically motivated acts of violence.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Black Panther, superhero adventures

After the death of his father, Prince T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is proclaimed king of Wakanda – a technologically advanced, isolated country in Africa. However, a ruthless struggle for the throne soon ensues, and the king must call upon the powers of Black Panther to save his country.

8:15 p.m., RTL, Angel Has Fallen, Action

The US President is seriously injured in an attack. The entire security team is wiped out, with only their most trusted bodyguard surviving the attack. But that makes Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) the prime suspect. As more fabricated evidence emerges, the Secret Service agent is on his own. He does everything to uncover the masterminds of the conspiracy and to save the President. A first lead leads Mike to the security company of his friend Wade Jennings (Danny Huston).

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, honey in the head, tragic comedy

When Tilda’s (Emma Schweiger) grandpa Amandus (Dieter Hallervorden) has to move into a home because of his Alzheimer’s disease because her parents Niko (Til Schweiger) and Sarah (Jeanette Hain) don’t want to look after him at home, the ten-year-old kidnaps the old man without further ado. Because she knows about his greatest wish: to see Venice again, the city where Amandus met his great love, who has since died. The two embark on an extraordinary journey.

9:45 p.m., Das Erste, Inspector Van der Valk: Reckoning in Amsterdam, crime thriller

After a performance in Amsterdam’s magnificent Concertgebouw, the young cellist Fleur (Hadewych van Gent) falls victim to an acid attack. Inspector Van der Valk (Marc Warren) learns that the celebrated musician knew of a dangerous secret from her investigative journalist friend Arjan (Thomas Acda), who had met her shortly before the crime. The media professional believes he is in possession of scandalous material, but he does not want to entrust it to the investigator to protect his sources.