8:15 p.m., Das Erste, Inspector Dupin: Breton specialties, thriller

In the market hall of Saint-Malo, Commissioner Dupin (Pasquale Aleardi) witnesses how top restaurateur Blanche Trouin (Franziska Junge) is stabbed by her sister Lucille (Nadja Becker). Lucille flees headlong, but is caught and arrested by Dupin. Since then she has remained silent. Dupin, who is always interested in understanding the background of a crime, is puzzled. He realizes it’s not a cold-blooded murder, but why isn’t Lucille trying to defend herself?

8:15 p.m., VOX, The High Note – Believe in your dream, drama

Maggie (Dakota Johnson) is exhausted in her job as an assistant to world-famous pop music diva Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross). However, she secretly dreams of making a name for herself as a music producer in Hollywood and is waiting for her chance. It’s worth the wait because one day Maggie gets the job from Grace’s manager to produce the new comeback album. Maggie then gets to work full of vigour, but gets stressed out with Grace in the process.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, The mountain rescuers: Above the clouds, family series

When Herbert (Jochen Horst), Ute (Teresa Harder) and their son Benedikt Breitenstein (Felix von Bredow) celebrate Ute’s birthday in a hot air balloon above the clouds, balloonist Lukas (Ben Blaskovic) unexpectedly jumps out of the basket with a parachute. Markus Kofler (Sebastian Ströbel) is a good friend of the balloon pilot and learns something dramatic from his wife Dorothea (Nathalie Schott): Lukas probably wants to take revenge on the pharmacist Breitenstein, because he thinks that he is responsible for the death of his little daughter.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, the big celebrity penance, reality show

unforgettable. But also unforgivable? In “The Big Celebrity Penance” prominent participants with turbulent pasts get the chance to face their sins. To do this, they give up all luxury and move to a camp where challenging challenges await them. But that’s not all: Olivia Jones confronts the celebrities directly with their previous missteps. Who can present a side of themselves that has so far remained hidden from the public?

8:15 p.m., arte, Ku’Damm 63, family drama

Caterina Schöllack (Claudia Michelsen) and her three daughters Monika (Sonja Gerhardt), Helga (Maria Ehrich) and Eva (Emilia Schüle) also have to deal with social constraints and their personal love dramas in 1963. The three sisters have matured and built an independent life for themselves. But new challenges await the young women, and they have to realize that not every decision they made earlier was the right one.