8:15 p.m., 3sat, The good cop, thriller

A paper umbrella catches the attention of Fredo Schulz (Armin Rohde) when chief inspectors Milan Filipovic (Edin Hasanovic) and Lola Karras (Nele Kiper) visit him at the North Sea. A seven year old has gone missing. Ashley Bols is the third missing girl. Schulz could not save the other two. They haven’t been found to this day, but Schulz just knows they’re dead. He also knows who the perpetrator is: Roland Bischoff (Axel Prahl). Bischoff is no ordinary sex offender, but an uptight, highly criminal, possessive psychopath.

8:15 p.m., The First, The Law Firm: Hard Words, Lawyer Series

Isa von Brede (Sabine Postel) takes care of a client who is on trial for dangerous bodily harm. She beat up a man in the parking garage who she felt threatened. Did she react appropriately – or did she just want to apply to an opponent what she learned in Gudrun’s (Katrin Pollitt) self-defense course?

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Big Countdown! The 50 most exciting moments of the 90s, show

The 90s – a crazy decade with ingenious inventions, blatant scandals and spectacular performances. How was a snappy boxing champion tamed? What is behind one of the most mysterious weddings in pop history? “Big Countdown! The 50 Most Exciting Moments of the 90s” reveals it.

8:15 p.m., NITRO, 72 hours – The Next Three Days, crook comedy

When English professor John Brennan (Russell Crowe) and his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) are about to take their young son to school, the police ring the doorbell. The shocking accusation: Lara is suspected of having killed her boss. John and his son remain stunned while Lara Brennan is taken away as a suspected murderer and sentenced to decades in prison. As puzzling as the case may seem, John’s faith in his wife is unshakable. With his back against the wall, he decides to get his wife out of prison.

8:15 p.m., ZDFneo, Munich Murder: The camel and the flower, thriller

The commissar trio Schaller (Alexander Held), Flierl (Bernadette Heerwagen) and Neuhauser (Marcus Mittermeier) investigates an explosion with fatal consequences in an allotment settlement. The explosion was not an accident, but the gas line was tampered with. Celine Papst (Lena Meckel) appears at the crime scene with concern. Because she and especially her new friend Karim (Hassan Akkouch) use the affected hut, which belongs to Celine’s father Oliver Pope. Celine’s concern for Karim is justified.