Summer is coming and with it the desire for delicious ice cream. But here too, prices are rising significantly. The overview shows the price differences in Germany.

The temperatures are rising and with them the prices for a scoop of ice cream in Germany. With the start of the 2024 ice season, the first price developments are already becoming apparent.

The nationwide average price for a scoop of ice cream was 1.62 euros last year, but it is becoming apparent that prices will also rise this year.

Prices vary significantly in different cities and regions of Germany. The discount portal researched and compared the ice cream scoop prices in over 40 cities. The result: There are strong regional trends emerging for the 2024 ice season:

According to a forecast by Weloveholidays, based on data from TripAdvisor and Statista as well as annual inflation rates over the last five years, the average price for a scoop of ice cream in Germany could rise to an average of 1.72 euros by 2028.

In a European comparison, Germany remains one of the countries with the lowest ice cream prices. The situation is different in Portugal, for example, where a scoop of ice cream could cost 3.70 euros in five years. In Spain you could even have to pay more than 4 euros.

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By Klara Indernach (KI)

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